Green Peak Farms ​
"Mendocino Cannabis at its finest"

About Us

“Sustainability” is the name of the game these days. By employing sun-grown techniques, everything produced is fully sustainable. We set up solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint on our farm and the world. Everything is built with Mother Earth at heart leaving a positive impact on the environment.  


  We are proudly located at an elevation over 4000 feet. This classifies our plants as Alpine Organic. There is no need for pesticides that dilute flavor among other side effects. Higher altitude means fewer pests. 
  Our flavors are robust. Terpenes are extremely tasty. Highcannabinoid levels insure effectiveness. Count on Green PeakFarms for high quality unparalleled organic herbs.


With over 60 years experience, we create the Higher Standard. We start everything from scratch. Our unique system has been developed (by trial and error) over decades. This is an art - not just science. To create high quality is indeed satisfying.


We are a Family that cares. This is a family business. We have been helping friends and family soothe all kinds of ailments for years. We take quality control seriously and daily monitor our plants. If we wouldn’t use it we won't let you. It’s that simple. 


We follow a year round dawn to dusk schedule. Focused, consistent discipline ensures quality. An average plant varies in size from 10-20 feet with terpenes over 15. The THC is over 20%. Green Peak Farms tops the charts producing the most effective and
the highest-grade cannabis.

We strive to build strong relationships. We work closely with our clients to engage feedback and create trust. Diversity is a strength practiced for more than 60 years. Despite the complexity of the changing Cannabis industry, every effort is made to stay current and follow California law. Our organic product is clean, clear and flavorful. See our contact us page for further contact information. 

Please enjoy responsibly.  Keep out of reach of children.