Thanks for checking us out. We are Mendocinos finest alpine organic  cannabis collective. With a unique vision, we take a different all organic approach you can taste. We give the utmost care and love , to all of our canopy, doing things others won't , or simply can't, to insure only the finest quality is experienced by our clients.​​ Thanks for all the love and support, stay awesome. ​(Please scroll down to see the different pages content, thanks, select the bullets above to navigate site.)

  1. Pineapple Crush
    THC 19.95% CBD 0.49% Terpenes 22.9282
    Pineapple Crush
    Tasty with a pineapple tone, nice, mellow, workable high, perfect for getting things done while feeling great.
  2. Sensi Star
    THC 18.55% CBD 0.67% Terpenes 9.3776
    Sensi Star
    Fruity with a nice Tones of of Amber waves. Great for mellowing out at the end of a day.
  3. Covelo Confidential
    THC 22.56% CBD 0.39% Terpenes 3.7853
    Covelo Confidential
    Has an even flow flavor, packed with hints of pine and tangy kush. careful this mama packs a hidden punch.
  4. Covelo Black Lime
    THC 18.25% CBD 1.52% Terpenes 8.7155
    Covelo Black Lime
    Great taste, with a refreshing tone of sunkist limes. Perfect for a party, fun and laid back, now all you need is some tunes and dancing.
  5. Mountain Sunrise
    THC CBD Terpenes
    Mountain Sunrise
  6. Mountain MAX
    THC CBD Terpenes
    Mountain MAX