Green Peak Farms ​
"Mendocino Cannabis at its finest"

  1. Pineapple Crush
    THC 19.95% CBD 0.49% Terpenes 22.9282
    Pineapple Crush
    Tasty with a pineapple tone, nice, mellow, workable high, perfect for getting things done while feeling great.
  2. Sensi Star
    THC 18.55% CBD 0.67% Terpenes 9.3776
    Sensi Star
    Fruity with a nice Tones of of Amber waves. Great for mellowing out at the end of a day.
  3. Covelo Confidential
    THC 22.56% CBD 0.39% Terpenes 3.7853
    Covelo Confidential
    Has an even flow flavor, packed with hints of pine and tangy kush. careful this mama packs a hidden punch.
  4. Covelo Black Lime
    THC 18.25% CBD 1.52% Terpenes 8.7155
    Covelo Black Lime
    Great taste, with a refreshing tone of sunkist limes. Perfect for a party, fun and laid back, now all you need is some tunes and dancing.
  5. Mountain Frost
    THC 25.31% CBD 0.4% Terpenes 35.90
    Mountain Frost
    Talk about yummy, we encourage you to take delight, in the sweet alpine caress of our mountain frost, its like going to church within mother earth.
  6. Covelo Moss
    THC 22.91% CBD 0.5% Terpenes 21.90
    Covelo Moss
    The original Covelo moss, this has a sensual aroma, with a even keel high, righteous for any occasion.
  7. White Rock
    THC 26.17% CBD 0.2% Terpenes 30.4534
    White Rock
    Our limited supply, White rock is a mega bud, with over 26% THC, and over 30 terpenes, this is a fully bodied, and exciting high, not for the faint of heart.